To use this site, you will need a browser with HTML 5 audio support. If your browser doesn't support this, the timer will operate without audio. If you're a NoScript user, then you will need to allow this domain in order for the timer to work at all.


To use the timer, simply fill in the form below. The are two values, 'Settle Time' and 'Sitting Time', the Settle Time is the time you need (in seconds) to get seated and perform any preperatory exercises you need (e.g. earthing and centering), the Sitting Time is the amount of time (in minutes) you will be in meditation for.

You will also see a "Show advanced" button below, this is only really for use if you're unhappy with the default settings. If you click on this button, then it will open up a small set of controls. These will allow you to choose an alternative background picture or bell sound.

When you're happy with the settings, press 'Load Timer'. This will load the timer and set it, when it's loaded you can use the 'Start, 'Stop' and 'Pause' controls to control it.

Once started, the bell will ring once after the end of the settle time to mark the start of your sitting, it will then ring again at the end of the sitting time.

To return to this page, simply use the link in the page header above.

SitQuietly Web Edition

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