The desktop edition of SitQuietly is a simple meditation timer program for GNU/Linux and the Gnome desktop, written in Python. It allows you to specify an introductory period for your meditation in seconds and a sitting period in minutes. The program will play a bell at the end of the intro period, then again at the end of your sitting. You can find the main window illustrated below.


* Supports settling / earthing & centering period and main sitting.
* Pleasant bell sound at the conclusion of each period.
* Graphical display of time elapsed.
* Online help.


* Gnome 2.16 or greater
* Gstreamer 0.10 or greater
* Python 2.4 or greater (including Glade)
* Yelp (for the online help)

If you have at least Ubuntu GNU/Linux 6.10, then you meet the above easily.


At present, there are no downloads available. However, you can get the latest version of the source from the Sitquietly Launchpad page.